As an organization into the business of "inventing the future", Shaping Tomorrow has itself been designed in the image of organizations of tomorrow, keeping in mind the "future of work"; a significant part being virtual, with experts drawn from the "gig economy" for "project-based" engagement, instead of the traditional "period-based" mode, treating them as partners and not employees.


Shaping Tomorrow has been, and continues to be involved in a number of diverse initiatives in sync with its Vision and Mission. In September, 2015 the Government of Assam accepted the suggestions of Shaping Tomorrow for taking up transformational initiatives around the theme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Shaping Tomorrow worked with the State Government and UN Agencies for implementation of SDGs, resulting in the State being recognized as “ leading the world in SDGs” by Jeffrey Sachs, Special Adviser to UN Secretary General.


Other initiatives have included partnering with the Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur to organize a number of international events/ conferences/ roundtables on competition law, consumer protection etc., and a major study on consumer protection for Department of Consumer Affairs, suggesting innovative strategies for more effective consumer welfare, and reorganizing the institutional infrastructure for present and future challenges.


Shaping Tomorrow has an excellent network of international and Indian experts across sectors and disciplines, who collaborate on a wide array of activities. A number of Strategic Foresight and exponential technologies related initiatives are currently being executed with their involvement and contribution.


To invent a better tomorrow, we all need to come together. Shaping Tomorrow aspires to build an intelligent, innovative, dynamic partnership web including corporates, academia, civil society and innovators. Shaping Tomorrow would devote itself to choose the right partners to ensure that the partnership web creates value for governments, corporates and academia to get disruptive, innovative and enable mobilisation of the society to be partners in the change towards a better tomorrow. We invite you to join the movement and together build a partnership web to become the ideal touch point for governments, corporates and academia to scale up innovations to create a positive impact on the society.


To catalyze and assist governments, corporates, academia and civil society in visualizing and inventing a future India as a people-oriented economic powerhouse, through citizen-centric good governance, knowledge-centric impactful institutions, technology-centric individual innovation, and productivity-centric corporate strategies, in sync with the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Services Offered :

  • Workshops, webinars and training programs on Foresight and transformational technologies, with inputs from global experts, for business, governmental, academic and other organizations/ groups, including focused programs for training institutions across the board.

  • Customized organization specific consultancy for “inventing” their desired future, in collaboration with international experts, with added advantage of potential partnership windows within the mega India@2047 initiative.

  • Special personalized service for governmental ministries, departments, agencies, PSUs and regulators, for awareness building and organizational redesigning to deliver on Prime Minister’s Vision India@2047, on very attractive terms in sync with their internal processes.

  • High quality corporate governance, management and financial consultancy, in the context of digital economy/ FinTech, ESG, World/ Boards of 2030 etc.

  • Partnership, collaboration and support for ventures of all types, including those relating to sustainability and for benefit of weaker sections of the society, conceived in the spirit of the “ Essence of Shaping Tomorrow “, and driven by personal passion and convictions of the organizational/ initiative leader.
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