Shaping Tomorrow has been, and continues to be, involved in a number of diverse initiatives and activities including projects, workshops, events, etc. in sync with its Mission. Shaping Tomorrow has been working with different Ministries in Government of India, State Governments , corporates and academia on diverse issues, interacting at the policy/ systems' and execution levels. It has done significant work on using Strategic Foresight and exponential technologies for ushering in "Future-Ready Governance". It is working with the Institute of Directors, New Delhi to bring about similar changes in mindset and strategies adopted by corporate boards. Academic institutions are another area of interest, with focus on transforming them into focus-driven institutes.


Periodical one to one discussions with the senior most level officials in Govt of India and State Governments, regulators, corporates and academia on SDGs, future-ready governance/ regulation, impact and induction of exponential technologies etc. have been, and continue to be, a regular feature of activities of Shaping Tomorrow since inception. Many of these discussions have led to useful action/ projects at the governmental and other levels.

Shaping Tomorrow conceived a pilot project in mid 2018 for application of exponential technologies in an Aspirational District ( ADP), with elements like using drones to monitor infrastructure development, automating some routine tasks in health and health service monitoring by eHC., agriculture technology and other solutions, based on global/Indian experience. This was launched in district Sirohi, Rajasthan, in partnership with Department of Administrative Reforms & PG, GoI, CEERI, Pilani and CSIR Institue of Genomics & Integrative Biology. The project has since been taken over by IIT, Jodhpur.

Two days of in-depth discussions in June 2018, with National Centre for Good Governance (NCGG) Mussoorie, regarding it’s rejuvenation for making it future-ready, involving Additional Secretary, DAR& PG and top leadership of the institute. This was followed by One day Roundtable with Govt of Uttarakhand, UNDP and NCGG on strengthening district administration with Sirohi kind of projects.

A series of talks are being delivered by Founder Anurag Goel to groups of directors of listed companies on the topic “ Board’s Strategic Foresight for Building Sustainability in Business”.  This is a continuing activity since 2019, and has included Life Insurance Corporation Board, CCI, FICCI members etc, in addition to larger diverse audiences. The presentation covers basic principles of Strategic Foresight, nature and impact of disruptive technologies, and how boards and directors can ensure resounding success of their companies, in this era of exponential change and foggy future. The key messages are i) Get Futuristic, Go Digital, Go Green, ii) Plan for Metaverse, and iii) Adopt new futuristic business models.

Elucidated the key features of Strategic Foresight in an article published in “Director Today” published by Institute of Directors, followed by editing a special issue of the same monthly journal on Strategic Foresight. Next steps included designing and arranging, with the help of Shaping Tomorrow’s global network of experts, a virtual Global Webinar in July, 2021 on “Strategic Foresight for Boards : Shaping the Future.

Presentation by Founder Anurag Goel to Chief Secretary, Uttar Pradesh on 14th September, 2022, in his capacity as Adviser, IIT, Jodhpur, proposing taking up a mega UP@2047 and developing a model for implementation of Vision India@2047 across states. The audience included personal presence of a number of very senior officers including Chairman, Board of Revenue, several Additional Chief Secretaries, Secretaries, Commissioner/ DM Lucknow etc., with all Commissioners and Development Authorities of the State and several District Magistrates. Presentation on a Smart Lucknow City@2047 prepared in end September, 2022 and shared with many officials, experts etc. A PPT and video clip were used to present a well thought out strategy on how individual organizations within Governments ( and outside) can become effective partners in the exciting India@2047 initiative.

Founder Anurag Goel has contributed significantly in the process of developing the Vision and Strategy 2021-2025 for Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur, to make it a “ future-driven institute “. His suggestions to set up a “ Centre for Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development “ and another “ Centre for Technology Foresight and Policy” were accepted. The two Centres are now fully operational. Deep involvement and contribution to innovative projects/ activities continues

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